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Features for Vendors
Keep your customers close.
Catalog all your expenses and profits.
Space Management
Manage your space.

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Being a student- run start-up, we believe in smart living. It is space efficient and saves money.


Multi/Micro purpose renting

Bigger is not necessarily better. With over 30 tags,save rent by renting micro-units. Confused between opening a gym or a studio?Multipurpose renting allows you to switch or do both efficiently.

Micro renting near your work place saves you from countless hours of traffic.

Multipurpose renting provides a greater exposure to customers.


Virtual tour

No more hustling. Sit back, take a virtual, 360-degree tour of the space you’re interested in, from your comfort zone.

High resolution pictures taken by Insta360 ONE X with flow state stabilization.

The 360-degree tour feature makes your experience life-like.


Vendor Analytics

Know your revenue. Insight into different revenue sources helps you know your strength and use it to your advantage.

Referrals help in expanding your customer base. Experiment and track if your referral strategy is working.

We help you in demand – price – adjustment via proprietary algorithms.

Consumer Features
Virtual Tour
Avoid hustling in traffic, take a 360-degree tour.
Know the virtue of someone who’s been there before.
Know people's thought about us.
Events of the space
Attend events, socialize with the community.

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Micro/Multipurpose Renting

Virtual, 360-degree Tour Conduct

Vendor Analytics

Accounting and CRM

Bookings oversight


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